What To Do About the Check Engine Light

May 23rd, 2022 by

Have you ever had the check engine light come on while you were driving? It’s a scary situation, especially if you don’t have a clue what’s wrong. Any of the Cherry Hill car dealers will tell you that there are many reasons for this light to come on.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to pull off the road right now, but it does indicate you need auto repair in Cherry Hill, NJ.

What the Light Really Means

Your vehicle’s check engine light is part of the onboard diagnostics system. When the system notices a problem, it alerts you with the light. Then, the computer puts a trouble code into its memory that can be read with an electronic scanning tool.

The code doesn’t always indicate the exact problem but lets the technician know what direction to look in. You’ll still need reliable auto repair in Cherry Hill, NJ to determine what the issue is.

What to Do About the Check Engine Light

If the check engine light comes on, don’t panic. Simply bring your car over to the qualified techs at Mercedes-Benz of Cherry Hill. In late-model cars, a blinking light might mean a serious problem, so you don’t want to wait.

If your light is steady, it probably isn’t an emergency, but that doesn’t mean you should wait. The longer you allow your car to run inefficiently, the more money you spend in the long run. The problem could be affecting the performance and fuel economy. On top of that, you might do further damage which makes the repairs even more expensive.

Here are some tips to follow anytime the check engine light turns on:

  • Look for anything that could be causing a serious Inspect your gauges and lights to see if anything looks abnormal.
  • Try to tighten your gas cap.
  • Reduce your speeds until you determine the problem.
  • Head to your favorite car dealership in Cherry Hill, NJ for a full diagnostic check.

At Mercedes-Benz of Cherry Hill we aren’t just the local leader for auto loans in Cherry Hill, NJ, we also have a fully staffed service department. Our experienced technicians are capable of handling any problem you throw at them and our prices are competitive. Once you’ve had work done by us, you’ll never look for another New Jersey car dealer again.

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