Get Your Mercedes-Benz Ready for Fall

October 8th, 2019 by

As the cooler temperatures creep upon us, it is time to get your Mercedes-Benz ready for fall and winter. Your car is negatively impacted by colder temperatures, so you want to be prepared. Here are some tips from the service department at Mercedes-Benz of Cherry Hill.

Inspect Your Mercedes-Benz

Start by looking over all of the belts and hoses. If anything is cracked, leaking or worn out, you want to have it inspected. You also want to examine all of the fluid levels. If anything needs to be topped off, now is the time to do it. Check your tire tread and inflation. If the tires are due to be rotated, don’t put off this valuable service. Cold weather causes tires to wear out quickly and you want to be safe on the road.

You also want to make sure that the heat is working. While you might not need it yet, you don’t want to find out that it is malfunctioning when the temperatures hit freezing. Have a friend or family member check the lights with you as well. Make sure your turn signals, brake lights, headlights and reverse lights all work as they should.

Gear Up for Winter

Even if your vehicle is in perfect working condition, there’s always the chance you could break down. Whether it is due to an accident or another roadside emergency, it helps to know you have some gear available. Stock an ice scraper, gloves, blanket and first aid kit in your car. You also want to have a flashlight and cell phone charger handy.

Now is also a good time to invest in some all-weather floor mats. After all, you will be tracking in some grime, dirt, snow and water. Talk to the team at the dealership to order your mats today.

New Car for a New Season

If you want us to look over your Mercedes-Benz for you, just schedule an appointment with our team. We are happy to provide a fall inspection to ensure you remain safe on the road. While you are here, we highly encourage you to take a look at the Mercedes-Benz GLE for sale in Philadelphia. It’s a vehicle ready to take on the colder months ahead.


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