2022 AMG® GLE 53 Coupe Overview

July 26th, 2022 by

Picture an AMG® GT R sports car. Now combine that with state-of-the-art technology and wrap it in Mercedes Benz’s famous Elegance…

You’ve just imagined the 2022 AMG® GLE 53 Coupe from Mercedes-Benz that offers a tech-laden interior with a sleek, sloped-back cargo area. This is performance-based luxury at its finest.

Is your interest piqued? Good! Keep reading to find out all you need to know about the 2022 AMG® GLE 53 Coupe from Mercedes-Benz.

AMG® GLE 53 COUPE Signature Elegance

“The attractive coupé lines envelop sophisticated suspension technology and our powerful, efficient six-cylinder in-line engine with 48-Volt technology. Both guarantee a thrilling driving experience in terms of longitudinal and lateral dynamics,” says Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG® GmbH.

The designers of this premium SUV have blended more flair and grace into its outer appearance than most other automobile manufacturers could.

Customize Without the Cost 

It’s the most well-rounded vehicle in its class, and when customized, the price isn’t too exorbitant. Exclusive trim packages, Customizable AMG® Performance Exhaust, and luxurious Nappa Leather are just a few options. When matched up to other SUVs with comparable performance statistics, the Mercedes-AMG® GLE Coupe is only slightly on the more inexpensive side of its segment.

The starting price of the AMG® GLE 53 COUPE is lower than that of the BMW X6 M50i and the Audi SQ8. Meanwhile, the V8-powered Mercedes-AMG® GLE 63 S variant may cost somewhat more than the Audi RS Q8 and other competitors in its class.

Engines that Excite

Mercedes-Benz just unveiled the 2022 version of their sought-after AMG® GLE 53 COUPE, which is loaded with goodies.

This engine, rated at 603 horsepower, produces astonishing performance. It has lightning-quick acceleration, achieving a 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds.

The GLE 53 Coupe is equipped with a sophisticated and modern powertrain that is designed to maximize both power and fuel efficiency. The Inline-6 Cylinder Engine, known for its smoothness, features dual forced induction.

The exhaust system’s turbocharger works in tandem with a unique 48-volt electric supercharger (not being belt-driven means there is no parasitic drag). Furthermore, the EQ Boost starter can deliver additional power during acceleration.

Choose AMG® 

The GLE 53 Coupe is only available in an AMG®-tuned edition; its purpose is to mix performance and luxury. That said, the Coupe comes with two exciting engine options.

The AMG® GLE 53 COUPE sports a turbocharged straight-6 engine, while the GLE 63 S has a hand-crafted 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 powerplant. Both engines are thrilling, though the V8 has a huge performance advantage over the straight-6.

AMG® purists will love the hand-crafted V8 under the hood. Other features of the V8 include an automatic limited-slip differential, AMG® Performance Exhaust, 6-piston front brakes, and even a race drive mode, should you feel like just a little extra.

Experience Luxury Today

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